Your Wedding

This section allows you to view a selection of the photos taken at your wedding. It also gives your friends and relatives an opportunity to see the selection of photographs. Should your relatives or friends wish to purchase any of these photographs, all we ask is that you take a note of the reference numbers assigned to the photo's of their choice before contacting us.

Please be patient for your wedding to be included in the list, as we need time to convert the films into digital images and then prepare them as web page galleries.

Please scroll down the page and click your name to see your wedding photo's.

Please contact the bride and groom for the password to view the appropriate wedding.

Fiona & Andrew Hardhill
Claire & Joe Carney
Faye & Simon Wells
Eleanor & Jonathon Lilley
Rebecca & Roger Voller
Nick & Victoria Cole
Toni & Simon Fletcher
Stacey & Chay Webster
Sarah & Richard Clough
Stephanie & Mark Hamblett
Vanessa & Gary
Claire & Martijn